What most customers ask most often. 
Q1.  How do I go about working with a garden designer? 
A1.  After contact with a designer through their website, email or phone, an initial consultation appointment can be made  
to visit you and your garden. This is a chance to get to know each other and discuss your garden project; a designer will  
be able to take you through the design and build process. For more information on this visit my  
website at and see my video ‘How it Works’. 
Q2.  How much does a garden design cost? 
A2.  The design constitutes a very small proportion of the overall cost. Generally a design including the survey and  
consultations with the clients can start at around £1500 to £2000 depending on the size and detail of the  
project. Planting plans are additional starting at around £350 - £500 per plan. 
Q3. How much does it cost to build my designed garden? 
A3. This is difficult to answer accurately as all gardens are different in size, scale and detail - and your location may also be a factor. 
Generally most designed gardens will be tens of thousands to implement. A small courtyard garden for example, 
with paving, raised beds and planting could be constructed within £10,000. A small to medium residential garden could 
cost £15,000 - £20,000 as a starting price. Consider this: a two story extension on a residential house would be around £50,000; 
some medium to larger gardens can cost several times this. 
Q4.  How long does the design and build process take? 
A4.  A good, experienced designer will be busy and may not be able to start on your project straight away, not for a few weeks or  
even months. But once started a design will take place over several weeks. Similarly with a landscaper – they may be  
booked up months in advance. Once on site a project may take a few weeks or several months depending on size of the  
project - and the weather. From commissioning a designer, consider the completion date to be 6 months away at the very  
least; a year - 18 months is more realistic.  
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